Sunday, September 16, 2012

More news

Hi there! I have some news about the next issues of 'Splendid'.
1. I won't change the name, tho I don't like the current one ;/
2. From this moment there will be 1 or 2 issues per season.
3. Firstly the issue will be published in russian (!), and then in english (there will be a special blog for russian version, BUT it will be published here as well as the english one).
3. Spoiler of the next issue is coming. ;)

So I will explain why I won't be publishing issues every mounths - I don't think that I will have enough time to draw a good issue in a short time. This means that the quality of graphics will be even better, + I've improved a lot since the last issue. The second reason is that I want more graphics to be in one edition, and most of them done by myself. 

Some more info;
Splendid magazine has no theme. Now I will draw only streetstyle looks and what I personally like.
And, oh, this is the time to look through your model requests - I will choose the medolls I like most of all ;)
But, I'm planning to draw my friends in upcoming issue, so please, don't mind - it's my own decision. 

Blog makeover & autumn spoiler are coming soon;
Stay tuned.