Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's happening around here

Hi there, dear readers! So how I told you in the last issue, the next one will be released this September. The summer is closer and closer to its end, therefore it's time to continue working on projects, and this means I will be updating my Lookbook aswell. Unfortunately, Sophie has turned out as a stupid person, who betrayed friends, like asking admins to delete them from StarBlog writer position etc. This info is like a day old, but it had shocked all her friends, therefore she isn't a Splendid owner anymore :/ I will have my Lookbook project with someone else, and this one will be owned by myself. After all of this, I want to make some changes in this blog and I think I'll change it's name. Stay tuned, I'll start checking all your modelling/writing/etc applies soon! - Maria xo